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Our Values

We have the education and experience to understand the jargon, yet the patience to explain it all in plain English.  Matei & Co. understands there is no cookie-cutter answer when it comes to financial matters, so we take the time to ask the right questions, listen to the facts, understand your concerns, and develop solutions that work for you. We strive to provide personalized, superior service, combined with competitive fees, and professional work-product.  

Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the four underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness, quality and security.


Matei & Co. believes each client deserves our undivided attention and utmost care. Expert advice, but human approach. We provide 360° of financial services because we want to be your partner in creating both financial and personal success.  What separates us from other firms is our unwillingness to pass the buck. We have seen gaps in an industry where it's easy to say "that's someone else's job", but we believe you need someone in your corner that not only keeps you in compliance with laws and regulations, but acts as a trusted advisor and helps you manage your life in a comprehensive manner.  Whether you need assistance with tax, accounting, insurance, investments, budgeting, bill-pay, new business formation, retirement planning, we are here for you. If your situation requires specific knowledge that is outside our scope, we will find the person or company that can provide those services, and coordinate with them so your overall life plan is in line with your overall goals. We pride ourselves in building strong professional relationships with realtors, attorneys, bankers, loan officers, merchant card servicers, and marketing specialists, so when you ask us for help we are in a position to offer a solution.

We have high standards for ourselves because we want to provide outstanding performance, and create raving fans. We are not winning if you are not winning. While we are not in a profession that saves lives, we are in a profession that can drastically change them for the better. As financial advisors we can help put in place plans to educate your children, increase the success rate of your start-ups, make sure you are adequately covered by your insurance products, and help you retire sooner. Matei & Co. believes that we are here to do more than crunch numbers. We are here to reduce your stress, provide someone to lean on, and help you to create a whole-life success solution.


Our firm is responsive. We understand that in your busy life the usual "we'll get back to you within 48 hours" business policy is not nearly adequate.  Your life moves at a fast pace, and you need a firm that moves along with you. We will always strive to get back to you within the same day, and if possible reach out to you within a couple of hours.  

We look for ways to be of assistance 24/7, so please take advantage of our free financial calculators, free tips, financial guides, and other resources on our website.  In addition, we provide a bank-level security portal that you can access at any time from any device with an internet connection.  Your bank needs three years of tax returns to qualify you for a loan? No problem! With a couple of clicks you can have the information at your fingertips, and send it to your loan officer before he or she even hangs up the phone. We also keep the original documents you provided us to prepare your return, so if you need to see how much your W-2 was three years ago there's no digging through boxes in the garage.


An accounting firm is known for the quality of its service. 

Our primary goal as a trusted advisor is to be available and to provide insightful advice to enable our clients to make informed financial decisions. We do not accept anything less from ourselves and this is what we deliver to you. In addition, we believe in treating each client like a family member, and investing ourselves in the achievement of their success. Therefore, it is important to us that we provide advice which is always in the best interest of the client.

They say nothing is certain but death and taxes.  Well they should also add: there's very few things that change more often than tax laws. Therefore, we feel it is extremely important to continually professionally educate ourselves to improve our technical expertise and financial knowledge so we can best service our clients. We also wish to always keep you informed of changes that can affect you, so feel free to take advantage of our monthly newsletter that will keep you up to date.

Should you need advice, we welcome you to contact us anytime. We will answer all of your questions, as they impact both your tax and financial situations. 


Identity theft has soared in recent years, with data breaches dominating the headlines.  A new identity fraud victim was hit every two seconds in America last year, with the number of victims climbing to 13.1 million according to Javelin Strategy & Research's 2014 Identity Fraud Study.  Consumers are scrambling to protect themselves, but the sad fact is that it's often not through any fault of their own, instead it's the companies people do business with who fail them in protecting their sensitive data.  It is important to us that we not be one of those companies, therefore we commit to providing the highest security possible.  Documents that are no longer needed are not outsourced to outside companies, but shredded in our offices on high security shredders. Client documents are never left out, so workmen and other clients do not see your data. We will never email your tax return or other sensitive data without pass code protection, but we prefer that we do not email returns at all since even documents with pass codes can be cracked by identity thieves. The safest method to transfer information back and forth is to use our free client portal, which is the most secure client portal available on the market with 14 layers of security.  For details on the security measures of our client portal click here

Social Responsibility

In addition to providing outstanding service to our clients we believe in doing our part towards the conservation of our planet's resources, and contributing to our community.  

To that end, our office is a "paperless" workflow.  We are always willing to accommodate our clients by presenting them with a paper return, but our default method is in digital form, preferably by utilizing our secure client portal which is the safest method of exchanging sensitive client data.  In addition client documents are not copied, but scanned into our computers and modified digitally, drastically reducing paper waste. 

We believe knowledge is power, so we provide many free tools on our website. 

In addition, it is our particular passion to guide start-ups and help small businesses forge their own path and master success. We offer 360° of financial services to help them with branding, marketing, accounting system setup & training, CFO services, financial statements, tax planning, strategic planning, capitalization, and business location selection. Many businesses fail in the first year, and most fail within five years, but with proper guidance and support we believe you can beat those odds.

It is also important to us to provide our workforce with flexibility.  Matei & Co. feels there are plenty of large corporations providing the 8-5 experience.  We want to bridge the gap by offering stay-at-home moms and the creatives of Los Angeles a chance to earn money while also focusing on their personal lives and goals.  Therefore, we will provide steady and constant service to our clients by having a few core employees in the office; however, the majority of our workforce will be allowed to work from home and set their own hours. We believe that if we do not treat our employees as commodities, they will give us loyalty and the best quality of work and service to our clients.

Matei & Co. also strives to be in a state of constant improvement.  If you have suggestions or concerns please feel free to communicate with us frankly so we can provide you with the best client experience.  If you wish to contribute anonymously please leave us feedback on our client satisfaction survey under the Resources tab.  Also, the greatest compliment is your referral to your friends and family.  Our goal is to grow organically through word of mouth, filling a need where one already exists. If you have received outstanding service, give us a chance to help your loved ones as well.  

Welcome to Matei & Co. firm licensed in CA.

We offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals. We are affordable, experienced, and friendly.
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